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Winter's special gift to aviation

Say what you want about cold weather. It’s one of the best times to fly an airplane.

Better performance. For one thing, airplanes perform better in colder air. Power is created as air and fuel mix. Since cold air is denser than warm air, the engine gets air more efficiently. The result is faster take-offs and climbs.

Smoother ride. Another advantage of winter cold is stability. Without the convective currents that create updrafts and thunderstorms, winter flyers experience a lot less turbulence.

Better visibility. For sightseeing, you’ll find visibility is even better in winter skies because the humidity is lower.

Less traffic. Lastly, winter flyers get to command more air space thanks to lower air traffic.

Every season has its advantages when it comes to flying. Winter is no exception. It brings us some very special gifts.

And speaking of special gifts, consider giving someone you love a scenic flight along Chicago’s spectacular waterfront. Or give a budding aviator a chance to get in the cockpit on a Discovery Flight. I guarantee they will never forget it, or you. For more information call 847.985.9778 and check out the details in our Flight Training section.

From all of us at Northwest Flyers, may all your journeys be smooth and clear throughout the holidays and into 2016.

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