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Why do you think birds and bees do it?

You don’t have to be a rocket jockey to see that breaking ties with gravity and seeing the world from a whole new perspective is one of the greatest experiences on the planet. There’s nothing like lift to lift your spirits. When you’re outside on a beautiful day, look up. You can probably see or hear a small recreational aircraft nearby.

In the fall there are a multitude of things to do that you can reach in an airplane. Believe me flying is always more fun when there is a purpose.

Fall is an especially good time to enjoy a bird’s eye view. Leaves turn wild colors while art and harvest festivals are popping up all over the place. Have you ever seen an elaborate corn maze from the air? It’s sure to impress anyone who hasn’t been on an airplane ride lately. Give yourself and your family a thrill they’ll never forget away from traffic and tinted windows.

Flying opens up your options for weekend activities too. Because you can reach your destination faster and easier by air, you can enjoy activities beyond the border in a number of neighboring states. I've even used an airplane to check out a haunted house that would've taken several hours by car.

With college starting again, maybe you want to visit your kids. Nothing makes a weekend trip easier than a charter flight where all you worry about is showing up. Let us run a quote for you today to visit your campus of choice.

As a pilot and lifelong aviation enthusiast I hope you’ll consider an aerial hop to a place you want to see. Use an airplane to shave travel times. Invite friends to experience a whole new way of traveling to fun events. But whatever you do, don't just bore holes in the sky; give yourself a real treat and fly with a purpose!

To find fall color, corn mazes, festivals and fun, check out:

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