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A new jet joins the Northwest Flyers charter fleet – Take a peek at the Citation CJ3

Imagine you’re in your comfortable leather chair working at your computer. You swivel to look out the window. You check email and decide to surf the net for a few minutes to clear out the cobwebs. As you walk across the room to grab a cup of coffee, you’re grateful for the uninterrupted silence you’ve needed all week. Maybe a short nap sounds good. So you recline your chair and close your eyes. That’s what it’s like to charter a Citation CJ3.

It’s not for nothing that the Robb Report once recognized the CJ3 as the Best of the Best in the light jet category. Comparable in range and speed to its competition, it’s a popular business jet because of its roomy cabin, flexible seating configurations and luxury appointments.

The almost 16 foot cabin accommodates up to eight passengers with or without work to do (though it’s most comfortable with six passengers). You’ll have access to executive pull-out tables, multiple power outlets, WIFI, an enclosed lavatory, and a refreshment center.

This CJ3 is beautifully maintained with brand new paint and interior. Just sink into a deep cushioned leather seat and relax, meet or work in peace. At 480mph you’ll be at your destination before you know it.

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