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How long will that take?

Summer is such a great time for getaways. The trick is making it work for everyone. Between dad’s job, mom’s job, and the kids’ school, sports and social schedules, family free time is getting crunched.

One way to make the most of your trips is to cut down on travel time.

Instead of driving hours and hours, or going through the hassle of commercial airline travel, (especially connecting flights), more families are turning to air charter. For one thing, everyone travels safely in comfort far above the gridlock. For another, smaller airports often get you closer to your final destination than larger hubs, so you won’t have another long leg on the road after you claim your baggage.


If your kids are headed out of state for camp, how much time will it take to get them there and return home? With kids attending wilderness, performing arts, and conservation adventures from California to Maine, some of our customers find air charter can mean the difference between a quick morning trip and one (or two) days on the road. Plus you won’t have to worry about lost luggage.

Parents also take advantage of air charter to visit college campuses. Those pre-college road trips can be grueling. Wouldn’t you rather be refreshed when you meet with the Dean of Admissions?

If whatever you have planned for the summer involves a road trip, check out air charter as a viable travel alternative. You may be surprised at what you’ll save.

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