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Ready for takeoff!

Hi! As our first official blogger, I’m here to welcome you to the new face of Northwest Flyers. Have you looked through the new site yet? We got so busy here flying people around and teaching them to fly, that we let our online presence fall behind the times. Not any more.

The new website has launched!

I’m Sean Kline, Chief Pilot and Flight Instructor for Northwest Flyers at Schaumburg Airport. I’ve been in love with flying my whole life, and I’m lucky enough to spend my days around airplanes, airports and people who enjoy, or are just getting into, flying. Yes, I have Avgas running through my veins.

One of the great joys of flying is that you’re learning all the time. Students, aircraft owners, and all of us here are continually building our experience, skills and knowledge; it’s what keeps our work safe, fresh and satisfying year after year.

Our latest challenge is digital communications – learning how to share some really neat stuff with all of you online. The days of building a website and letting it sit untended are over. We’re now focused on keeping you up to date on general aviation issues, great local events and the latest buzz around Schaumburg Airport.

Stick around. There’s a lot more to come. If you’re drawn to the tarmac, come on out and visit us. And if you have topics you’d like to see here, email me at

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