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Remember the first time you dreamed about flying an airplane? Were you just a kid? What about now? Are you headed to college? Would you like to extend the reach of your business? Is it on your bucket list? Are you ready for a recreational challenge that gives back big returns on your efforts? Are you looking for a great Chicagoland flight school? You’ve found it!

Flight Training

Learn to fly with the experienced pilots at Northwest Flyers.

Close to home

Northwest Flyers offers great ways to experience flying at the Schaumburg Regional Airport in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, just minutes from your local mall.

No pressure

If you’re not sure how you feel about taking the controls, stop by and talk to us. Ask questions. Check it out. Try a one hour discovery flight. We want you to be comfortable with whatever you decide.

Highly qualified instructors

Our instructors will guide you expertly through flight training, whatever your skill level. If you’re already a pilot and want to recertify or upgrade your skills, Northwest Flyers will help you get to the next rating.

Fun, exciting, and safe

From aircraft to procedures, Northwest Flyers puts safety above all else. You’ll have all the confidence you need to take the controls or just enjoy the ride.

Chicagoland aircraft owners:
Reduce your maintenance costs!

Consider leasing your aircraft back to Northwest Flyers to keep it flying and well-maintained. Rather than letting it sit idle in a hangar for months, we’ll keep it active and serviced so it will be ready for you whenever you need it. Leaseback can help defray aircraft management fees; and don’t forget the tax benefits.

Looking for rental aircraft? Give us a call!
(847) 985-9778

You can also schedule online if you've flown with us before.

Learn to fly!

Learning to fly is the experience of a lifetime. Some will fly for fun and recreation, some for business, and others will choose an aviation career.  At Northwest Flyers’ Chicagoland flight school, highly qualified and friendly flight instructors will help you work toward the training you want to get.

Start or continue with us!

At our Flight School (Schaumburg) we offer flight training for multiple ratings, each taught by FAA Certified Flight Instructors who are also professional pilots. They will perform flight reviews and proficiency checkouts throughout your training to be sure your skills meet all requirements for the following grades and ratings.

  • FAA Private Pilot
         Single or Multi-engine Rating
         Instrument Rating (IFR)

  • FAA Commercial Pilot

  • FAA Air Transport Pilot (ATP)

Private Pilot Kit

For $299 students receive a Private Pilot Kit with all the materials needed to succeed.

Where will your wings take you?
Call Northwest Flyers today to learn more about flight training.
(847) 985-9778

Flight Instructors

Nothing enhances flying lessons like an experienced, highly qualified, fun pilot in the right seat. Your instructor will be a key part of your flying experience. Northwest Flyers is proud of its FAA Certificated Flight Instructors. All are excellent at training and evaluation, and enthusiastically share their knowledge and love of flying with all of their students.

Instruction Rates
Dual Primary:
$52 per hour
Dual Advance:
$57 per hour
Ground Instruction:
$42 per hour

Meet our certified flight instructors

Dan Heche
Dan began his flight training during high school in Lake in the Hills, IL. He graduated from Western Michigan University with a degree in aviation flight science and then joined Northwest Flyers in the summer of 2019. Dan is also a volunteer for an animal rescue in Marengo, IL.  

Available:  Sat - Wed
To book Dan, email us at or call 847.985.9778
Luke Schurtz
Luke was born and raised in Chicagoland. He received his private pilot license at Chicago Executive Airport when he was 18. Luke Attended the University of North Dakota where he received a degree in Aviation Management. While at UND, he attained his instrument and multi-engine ratings, as well as his commercial pilot certificate and CFI. Luke is currently working on completing his CFII and plans to work for a major airline in the future.
Available: Mon - Fri
To book Luke, email us at or call 847.985.9778
NWF Instructors
Discovery Flights

Discovery Flights

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to soar the skies for a bird’s eye view of Chicago? Whether you just want to enjoy a ride in a small aircraft, or are thinking of beginning flight training, Northwest Flyers Discovery Flights are for you! Come fly with the experienced pilots at Northwest Flyers.

Introductory Flight

For the adventuresome types that are getting serious about learning to fly, Northwest Flyers provides an affordable opportunity to get into the cockpit and experience the joys of small aircraft flight. It’s a great way to test your readiness to commit to flight training. You’ll spend an unforgettable hour of flying, and maybe even change your life forever!

$157             We also offer a 30 minute flight for $121

Chicago Lakefront


Northwest Flyers offers a scenic trip along Chicago’s lakefront from the air for anyone who would love spectacular views of the city’s Lake Michigan shoreline and the excitement of flying in an airplane. See the skylie like you've never seen it before. Whether you book it for yourself or a friend, this is the gift none of you will ever forget.  Be sure to bring a camera!


Call Northwest Flyers at (847) 985-9778 today to learn more!

Flight Simulator

Supplement air time affordably

Flight simulators are a cost-effective way to build experience at the controls between actual flights. That’s why Northwest Flyers provides an FAA approved full-featured Flight Training Device on site that can be configured for over thirty single engine, multi-engine and turboprop aircraft.

Coordinating radio communication with proper flight procedures can be daunting for student pilots. At Northwest Flyers, you can simulate real flight using virtual flight controls while practicing radio protocol with virtual air traffic control. Pilots can calmly and safely prepare for potential emergencies without actually having one.

Simulators cost up to fifty percent less than time in an aircraft, and are more efficient for IFR training and currency requirements. Northwest Flyers is proud to offer one of the best flight simulators on the market today.

$75 per Hobbs Hour

Precision Flight Controls CR-12 ProPanel Flight Simulator

  • FAA Approved Flight Training Device (FTD)

  • ProPanel Advanced Visual System

  • PilotEdge Virtual Air Traffic Control Service

Flight Simulator

Our Aircraft

A fleet of well-maintained aircraft.

Northwest Flyers provides a small fleet of popular and well-maintained aircraft for its Chicagoland flight school students and rental customers. What would you like to fly?

Piper  |  Archer

The Piper Archer has been, and continues to be, the perfect gateway to launching pilots’ flying careers all over the world.

  • Passengers: 4

  • Speed: 138 MPH

  • Range: 522 Miles

  • Service Ceiling: 14,100 feet


Hourly Rate - $142.50

Cessna  |  172

Measured by its longevity and popularity, the Cessna 172 is the most successful aircraft in history.

  • Passengers: 4

  • Speed: 131 MPH

  • Range: 736 Miles

  • Servcice Ceiling: 15,100 feet


Hourly Rate - $142.50

Rental/Training Fleet

Simulator Support

For those who want to supplement in-air flight training on the ground or refresh their current flying skills, Northwest Flyers offers an FAA approved Flight Simulator experience for each rental plane.

Leaseback Opportunities

We are currently looking for leaseback opportunities to add to our training and rental fleet. If you are interested, please contact Justin Barchfeld.

Phone: (847) 985-9778


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