Northwest Flyers

Schaumburg Regional Airport

905 W. Irving Park Road

Schaumburg, IL 60193

P: 847.985.9778

F: 847.985.1978


Flight School:






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December 16, 2015

Say what you want about cold weather. It’s one of the best times to fly an airplane.

Better performance. For one thing, airplanes perform better in colder air. Power is created as air and fuel mix. Since cold air is denser than warm air, the engine gets...

November 24, 2015

We’re spoiled, myself included. When I came into this world, the modern age of powered flight was already something everyone took for granted. Carry 500 passengers? No problem. Supersonic flight? Absolutely. Fly to the moon? Sure, why not? It’s no wonde...

October 24, 2015

I can talk all day long about why I love to fly. The fact that I’m a charter pilot only adds to my commitment to general aviation and all the joy it brings to the otherwise earthbound. Instead, I decided to let someone else share her story of airplane l...

September 21, 2015

You don’t have to be a rocket jockey to see that breaking ties with gravity and seeing the world from a whole new perspective is one of the greatest experiences on the planet. There’s nothing like lift to lift your spirits. When you’re outside on a beau...

June 25, 2015

Imagine you’re in your comfortable leather chair working at your computer. You swivel to look out the window. You check email and decide to surf the net for a few minutes to clear out the cobwebs. As you walk across the room to grab a cup of coffee, you...